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Profitable Niche Workshop 

Finally UNDERSTAND, IDENTIFY + COMMUNICATE your niche in a way that attracts a tribe of spellbound customers

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Finding THEIR niche worked for my clients, are you ready to make this work for you too?

A lot of factors go into making the kind of money my clients below make, but creating a thriving business is entirely possible for you too:

GET your niche, communicate it effectively and keep showing up.

Two months into working with Gwen I secured £10,000 in sales, and a week later I repeated the same thing and secured another £6,000 fee.

"Two months into working with Gwen I secured £10,000 in sales, and a week later I repeated the same thing and secured another £6,000 fee.

The clarity I got around my message and my ideal customer and the mindset work I did with her have been a game changer"

Joanne Osborne, Surrey

Thanks to Gwen's help I turned over six figures in my first year and doubled that revenue in the second year.

"Thanks to Gwen's help I turned over six figures in my first year and doubled that revenue in the second year.

She drills down in incredible detail to get the messaging and branding spot on. I found the niche-ing mentoring especially useful and I STILL use it and remind myself of it, and am teaching it to my apprentice in turn"

Sonal Keay, Cotswolds

TRYING to sell anything outside of an effective niche is IMPOSSIBLE (and here's why...) 


There’s a lot of ultra-successful entrepreneurs in the online space.

And I’m not talking about the ones who’ve been around for years, who were the *first* to do the thing.

I’m talking about the ones who’ve become *recently* successful (the ones who’ve managed to build a thriving business in a ‘crowded’ marketplace, the ones you're watching ride into the sunset. Dang. What's their secret?!).



Why the myth of the 'over-saturated' marketplace is holding you back


Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are struggling for months, even years?

And why others are so successful and manage to establish themselves fairly quickly in a 'busy' market?

For starters, they’re really clear at getting across what the heck it is they do. They excel at communicating their expertise in a way that attracts us and makes us want to BUY from them. We GET what they do–and we resonate!

They are so convincing because they're KNOWN for something. They operate inside their tightly defined niche, their area of expertise and attract a tribe looking for exactly that solution. (NOTE: I didn't say 'small' niche, I'm all about the inch-wide + mile-deep niche!)

Their clarity creates IMPACT and they become FAMOUS for doing their thing. We flock to them.

Think about all the other people you follow online. They all started out with their one thing, which got them followers and traction (and no-one says you can't become more generalist when you're BIG). Follow this protocol and your momentum will gather too. 

However, most entrepreneurs never get to this point. They’re scared to niche. Or they're mistaken that they’re already niche enough. 



You refuse to niche down because you think you'll lose out on sales. Fair enough. But how many sales are you making right now as a generalist?


If you’re not making the money you want, then your first step is to go and check whether the root is healthy, the initial point from which your business grows. 

The questions you ask yourself is: what’s my niche and are people willing to spend money in here?

This is a massive question and to be honest it's one that struggling entrepreneurs can’t answer.

You'll be miles ahead of everyone else once you tackle this.



You see, if you feel your niche isn’t clear–then it isn't!


  • You’re not sure who you help
  • You're tempted to stay as wide open as possible to get 'maximum sales' then you’re going about it the wrong way
  • You feel insecure because there’s ‘so much competition’ in your dream niche
  • You can’t commit to a niche and a product because you worry to choose 'the wrong thing'



Two major pitfalls to avoid when it comes to niching

The first hurdle is the racing off with the first niche idea. You don’t wanna be headed off blindly into the wrong niche, wasting time, energy and resources. This is what happens if you aren’t *intentional* about your niche.

Many entrepreneurs are aware of this danger and now go the other way: they develop a fear of getting their niche 'wrong', 'imperfect', or of setting it in stone and being lumbered with it forever.

They fall at the second hurdle, which is actually worse, it's an impasse. Dead end. They're paralysed. Stopping themselves from ever getting serious about creating a business.



This workshop will set you free, give you clarity + momentum

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through this, so that you can finally find your profitable niche! Have I mentioned that this process can be a hell of a lot of fun?

I hope you're ready for some realtalk.

  • If YOU are unclear and confused about your niche (even a little bit) then your ideal clients browsing past your internet presence won't understand you either.
  • If you can't articulate your niche online, chances are that browsers won't even bother trying to GET you and your offerings. 
  • If you refuse to claim your niche and let yourself shine then you will never be known for what you do.

Then you will never gain the traction you deserve. And you won’t be able to gather an audience of raving fans buying from you.



Have a look around at the recently successful entrepreneurs. They all have a thing. Their thing, that they’re known for. 

And they’re making a lot of money selling their thing to their people, because they know and live by something most entrepreneurs don’t have the courage to do.

They dare to go specialist.

Because they’ve realised that when your ideal clients have a problem, they’ll go and get help from the SPECIALIST, not from the Jill-of-all-trades. They want to get help from the BEST in that field.

If you're still feeling resistance to going specialist ask yourself how well your current massive niche is serving you? Are you making a lot of money being a generalist? Well, I'd be the last one to fix something that ain't broke.

But something tells me that you KNOW you need to niche more if you want to finally become profitable.

And this is your call to find, name and claim the thing YOU want to be known for, you want to be BEST at.

And just like I helped my students start out in profitable niches and my most successful clients create multiple six figure businesses, I now want you to get crystal clarity on YOUR niche calling.

Let me help you too.

Set up for momentum in 2021 and beyond with

The Profitable Niche Workshop 

A proven process to help you finally SEE + EXPRESS the niche that is meant for you, KNOWING who you serve and being CERTAIN on what makes YOU unique in the ‘saturated’ marketplace...or your money back!

  • Unlock your niche, discover who you're meant to serve and how you can best help them so that you create impact + profits!
  • FINALLY know what sets you apart and how you can distinguish yourself from your 'competition'.
  • Learn industry insider secrets on how to communicate your niche, create compelling offerings, and become a magnet for high ticket clients.
  • Be crystal clear on your niche by the END of the masterclass–or your money back.
  • This workshop is designed as a half day of live teaching on January 13th 2021 (starting at 11am GMT)
  • Whether you attend live or watch the replay, you'll have an opportunity to submit questions to our Q&A
  • You'll get access to our member centre where you can revisit the recordings for life
Guaranteed insights for you - or we’ll refund your investment


I personally guarantee you that this workshop will provide you with clear answers on what your niche is.


So if you haven’t clearly identified your niche by the end of this workshop you can ask for your money back.


Why am I offering this?

I see so many entrepreneurs struggle needlessly with their niche and I want it to be a no-brainer for you to decide to sort this problem out–once and for all.

And yes, I am that confident about my niching process as I know it'll be invaluable to you. 


So if you don’t know EXACTLY who your audience is and how you can serve them by the end of this class, all you need to do is email my customer support service, and I will happily refund your full fee—no questions asked.

Which of the testimonials below do you resonate most with?



Alarke, New York City, US

Working with Gwen brought me the necessary confidence to know that my website speaks to my clients, that my social media is my business card and true representation of my brand.

Sara Dune, Dubai, U.A.E

Given my 30+ years Marketing experience I’m very confident in my branding and messaging and feel I know the industry very well. But getting a pair of fresh eyes on your brand message is something I'd recommend to every entrepreneur.

I found Gwen’s guidance and intuition insightful and extremely useful. She strikes a fantastic balance between strategic and practical and I came away with inspiration and easy to action steps to improve my brand message.

Elise Finn, Ireland

Gwendi's brand strategy helped me hone in on key details about my business brand, which has really clarified how I address my target audience. This has helped me use the right messaging on my website, in my marketing material and wherever I show up online.

Adanna Bankole, London, UK

I loved the strategic thinking Gwen introduced me to about my brand. She helped me find a brand identity and gave me the confidence to follow through with my instincts and ideas. 

Serafina Salvador
London, UK

Be Queen of Your Niche


I’ve been creating brand strategies since 2001–for some big brands too like MTV, EA Games and Getty Images.

But being an entrepreneur at heart, I’ve since pivoted into a premium business coaching niche allowing me to attract highly motivated clients.

You may also wanna know that for the past decade I've been a tutor at the renowned Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design (University of the Arts London) and that you've come to a great place indeed when it comes to the teaching, branding and strategising part.

This masterclass is your opportunity to learn industry insider niching secrets at a fraction of the cost.

It’s my most inexpensive teaching, I'm holding it in this format for the first time, and the price is only going to go up.

(This is the stuff I teach my private clients) and I'm offering this up to a wider audience because I don’t want you to fall at the first obstacle!

I’ve seen this play out again and again: great people, called to do their thing can’t decide what it is or are completely blocked on their niche.

They fall at the first obstacle and never get past it.

Their great idea and everything they were meant to give to the world never has a chance of coming out.

The tragic truth is that if you can’t define your niche, you won’t be able to create the wealth you desire, and you won’t be able to help all the people you were meant to help. 

Let me support you finding your moneymaking niche, name it, claim it and rule it.

Let me help you be queen of your niche. So that you can build a thriving business, doing what you love. 



What would finally owning a profitable niche be worth to you?


Well, you can have it here for £97 (and remember, if you haven’t defined your niche by the end of our workshop I’ll happily refund you the money)

I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

And if you think you don’t need this, but have read this far, then there's something calling you and you probably do. 

If you feel your niche isn’t clear then it *definitely* isn’t. 



The ultimate check is always on your bank balance as the health of your niche (and your ability to communicate it) will be reflected here


And yes, there's so much to learn for you from email marketing to Facebook ads. But all these are useless trainings for you if you cannot define your money making niche first (let's get the BASICS right first)

Identifying a moneymaking niche is worth a lot more than £97, and I hope you can see that too.

So go straight ahead and book yourself onto our workshop so that you can get on with growing your business. 

Simply click the button below and I’ll see you in January where we will find your niche!

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